Frequently Asked Questions On Our Intensive Training


My course of study provides for an internship of 20 weeks - can I end the internship after 5 months?

Answer: No, because the amount of material to be learned can hardly be covered in that period of time.


How much will I earn?

Answer: The salary is paid incrementally after the 2nd month and amounts to a total of 3,100 euros.


Why isn’t the salary paid out in equal amounts?

Answer: For one thing, the increasing amount of salary is a reflection of your increasing productivity. Secondly, we do not want to offer any financial incentives to combine a sandwich placement with an extended stay in Berlin, especially for internees from outside Berlin.


Other and larger accounting firms offer significantly higher salaries. Why do you pay so little?

Answer: While we offer our trainees a 40-hour week, others - especially the larger firms - expect substantial overtime without compensation.
If you calculate the salary to the amount of working hours, we are more than competitive. Moreover, you should consider for yourself how wide your range of experience will be if your internship is limited to just one of the very many departments in a large firm.
If you, as a trainee, consider an internship first and foremost as a means to earn money then don’t be surprised that firms are increasingly misusing trainees as underpaid temporary help.


Do you have a dress code in your office?

Answer: Yes. As a provider of refined services in the financial sphere, suit and tie and pant suits or ladies’ suits are customary in the industry. Look around in a branch of any major bank and you will see the type of clothing you will be wearing during your internship.
The close of the week is usually observed by us as Casual Friday.


As an intern, will I be taken along on outside assignments?

Answer: As a rule, we make an effort to take you along to our clients after the first month. Provided, however, that your knowledge of accounting has increased significantly under our direction during the first month of training and you display exemplary good manners.



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