Please read the following description carefully and honestly question yourself as to whether you are ready to work to complete more than just a mandatory sandwich placement.


The course outline of the six-month intensive internship


It is our goal that you will later look back gladly on your internship with us. For this reason alone, we know that a trainee is neither an unpaid gofer nor a full-time coffeemaker. Equally as well, we do not want our internship training seen as a student side job.

To be precise, what we offer is first and foremost a transfer of know-how. Yes, we do pay a salary after the 2nd month. No, you unfortunately cannot finance a carefree life in Berlin with it.

As a rule, our internships last six months and consist of three constitutive modules that build on each other.

Module 1 (1st month):

You gain an insight into the world of auditors and tax consultants. You watch over our shoulders without getting in our way. Be punctual, friendly, and helpful, and make sure your shoes are shined.

Module 2 (2nd & 3rd months):

Have you successfully mastered the tasks in module 1? Congratulations! In module 2 you will be trained for a specific area of responsibility that matches your strengths as well as meets our current needs. This could be researching tax rulings, assisting in annual accounts audits, sounding out the depths of VAT legislation or helping to draw up one of our audit reports. Demonstrate that you like to learn and show initiative in dealing with new concepts.

Module 3 (4th, 5th & 6th months):

Step-by-step, you will become capable of independently handling work that you first became acquainted with in module 2 - naturally with assistance. Practice balancing between asking questions at the right time and dealing on your own with the tasks delegated to you. By the way, almost all of our employees are recruited from the ranks of those who have completed all three modules with us.


And what do we expect of our trainees?


1. Talent!
We expect neither a perfect report card nor an arrow-straight career path. But you have some kind of ability or character attribute that YOU want to let blossom in a professional environment of dedicated service providers.

2. Have fun with numbers and - even more important - are enthusiastic about the realities they mirror.

"Nothing is as exciting as economy." An internship in the field of accounting will involve dealing daily with numbers, accounts and balances, and even accounting records (!), which, by the way, is not as dry as it sounds. The "Consulting" in our company’s name refers solely to services in the fields of taxes and accountancy; jet-setting with nifty little briefcases between New York and Tokyo is not typically among the tasks given our trainees.

Whoever is completing an internship in a chemical lab should be able to read chemical equations. An intern in an accounting firm, in turn, should have a command of the multiplication tables (up to ten) - the rest we will teach you (so you had better quickly review the “Gabler-Skripte” before the interview!).

3. Enjoy learning and have the courage to accept demands being placed on them.

You will be fully integrated into our team. We still observe the 40 hour week and, no, we do not have flexible working hours. It would be nice if you are familiar with MS Office (macros are not Tuscan noodles) and if you speak at least one foreign language well enough for business purposes (no kidding).

If you are convinced that you can contribute something - whatever it is - then apply with your "unconventional" biography and training background and present your "USP". Convince us that you meet the three prerequisite criteria.

We will always be kind and professional, so please do not send cut & paste mass mailings. We are as individual as you are and so should be your application.